The Ultimate Trilogy

Perfection comes in Threes.

Two dimensional is regular but 3D is complete.

It’s the third charm that is magical.

Great stories have a beginning, middle, and end.

It’s the same with tequila…three agaves make it perfect.

The dream, the hope, the hustle.


The Ultimate Trilogy

A TRIDENTE is featured widely in mythical, historical and modern culture, basically used as a symbol of greatness in the form of a Three-Pronged Spear. Three spears combined to create something powerful and unique. Spears like the ones you see on the tips of the agave plants.

This unbelievable blend creates without any question The Finest Tequila in the World.

TEQUILA TRIDENTE  was produced by the best Master Tequila Distiller in the World: Miguel Cedeno.

Miguel’s experience in the Tequila industry accounts for more than 25 years, recognized as one of the most prolific and savvy Master Distiller in the industry.

His passion and enthusiasm for Tequila and other distilled spirits has taken Miguel for the past 10 years in to another level in the field of Biotechnology. His findings have taken production in to a high efficiency levels for the companies he has collaborated.

Great human being and fully committed with his work, he spends time teaching and coaching new generations of distillers, he also acts as President of Caribe Occidente Asesores a consulting company for the Tequila industry.

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